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 Microsoft Windows 8 x86/x64 All In One (16 in 1) - The final Version Of Windows 8 | Size:- 3.97 GB



Windows 8, Microsoft's next generation operating system that has many changes compared to previous versions of Windows. These changes are in addition to changing the graphical appearance, including the provision of new technologies and the increased speed efficient windows as well. Windows 8 is a GUI fronted to the computer Desktop addition, it has the ability to install and run on Tablet. Microsoft Windows 8 also supports older hardware and does not require a lot of hard optimizer. In fact, you or did you have on the PC Vista or Windows 7, Windows 8 is also easy to install.

This version of Windows to download the content has been eight, final version (32/64 bit) and includes 35 languages ??and 16 different editions that have been published on 26 October 2012.

Some of the important features of Windows 8:-
  • Face recognition for Windows login.
  • The new Metro user interface.
  • High speed or boot up Windows.
  • Show better and more useful Task Manager.
  • Coordination with XBOX game console and the ability to run some games on this console.
  • Supports USB3, multiple displays using the ARM architecture, Intel and AMD.
  • Easy and fast.
  • The ability to quickly and easily recover Windows installation settings (in the face of problems).
  • Support for files to ISO, IMG or VHD.
  • Technology supports RAID 1 and RAID 5.
  • Have the ability to control the activities of children and Family Safety in the Internet environment.
  • Cosmetic changes, like changing system icons.
  • Change the login screen.
  • Features Mobile ARM Processors and System-On-a-Chip.
  • Increase the network throughput.
  • Ability to restore the operating system to factory settings (initial).
  • A new file system REfs.
  • Support for Near Field Communication (NFC).
Different versions are available that can be installed in this version:
  1. Windows 8 x86-32-bit
  2. Windows 8 N x86-32-bit
  3. Windows 8 Pro x86-32-bit
  4. Windows 8 Pro VL x86-32-bit
  5. Windows 8 Pro N x86-32-bit
  6. Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x86-32-bit
  7. Windows 8 Enterprise x86-32-bit
  8. Windows 8 Enterprise N x86-32-bit
  9. Windows 8 x64-64-bit
  10. Windows 8 N x64-64-bit
  11. Windows 8 Pro x64-64-bit
  12. Windows 8 Pro VL x64-64-bit
  13. Windows 8 Pro N x64-64-bit
  14. Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64-64-bit
  15. Windows 8 Enterprise x64-64-bit
  16. Windows 8 Enterprise N x64-64-bit 

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